Postdoctoral fellows

The Davis lab is seeking several postdoctoral fellows.

A post-doctoral position is currently available for a highly motivated and collaborative individual to join an ongoing project jointly based in the Davis Lab and the Center for Integrative Chemical Biology and Drug Discovery (Drs. Sam Pattenden and Stephen Frye) that applies functional screens to identify small molecules for the purposes of interrogation and targeting of epigenetic regulatory pathways. At the interface of genomics, proteomics and drug discovery, this unique opportunity offers a highly valuable experience for individuals proceeding on either academic or industry career paths.

Two post-doctoral research positions are currently available for team focused candidates to join an established project at the intersection of chromatin biology, genomics and cancer research. The candidates will be part of a close collaboration between Brian Strahl’s lab and the Davis lab exploring the role of chromatin and epigenetic modifiers in human biology and disease. We seek one candidate in particular with specific expertise in bioinformatics and computational biology involving large genomic data sets. This unique opportunity will allow candidates to receive exposure and gain broad expertise in genetics, computational biology, chromatin biology and developmental therapeutics in mammalian and yeast model systems.